The Key to not worrying about money every month

The Key to not worrying about money every month
The Key to not worrying about money every month

Learn 4 tips to build long-term wealth, and not live worrying about money.

Written by Job Solomon. Ill-gotten money is soon spent, but he who saves will grow rich little by little (Proverbs 13: 11).

I often do my own surveys and I have noticed something insistent every day, and it is a problem that has been dragging on for thousands of years, properly speaking, since money was invented to exchange value, and when it was used to be a means of value, it replaced barter. This problem is perhaps one of the greatest concerns and is the cause of thousands of misfortunes around the world.

In order not to relate this topic to surveys, I will give some examples of my own family to recognize how serious the money problem is in many people. For example, my 52 year old grandmother died suddenly of cardiac arrest, and woke up dead in her bed; the cause of her death was because she could not pay her bills which amounted to over 8,820 US dollars (This amount of money may be very little in comparison with other countries that have strong currencies such as the Dollar or the Euro); I have an uncle who suffers from hypertension because of money worries; and I have friends and acquaintances who cannot sleep because of money every night, and live in worry about how to pay their bills every month.

I have personally calculated that 98% of the people I know live and enjoy their money under intense emotions, and they are people I consider sponges, because when they look at a lot of money, they get excited and spend all their money on things that regress their value. For example, when a person receives a large loan from a bank, or perhaps from a well-paying job, he usually acts on impulse or emotion, and believes that he has or deserves this money, and therefore spends it. And he resorts to the old traps of television and travel...and many other things.

Learning to save is a good habit. Teach your children to save.
Learning to save is a good habit. Teach your children to save.

When I talk about spending, it's the opposite of meeting our basic needs. For instead of covering their basic needs, they tend to spend their money on things they don't really need, and we have all fallen into this trap, myself included, because we are surrounded by a lot of marketing power, and under a lack of education and money management, we fall into the traps of the companies that want our money.

For example, a young person who earns very well, or starts a job with a good salary, internalizes that he deserves it and can enjoy life; however, this false belief and provided by upbringing and consumer marketing, has been implanted and he spends it on various things. For example, he likes to travel, he buys expensive clothes, expensive shoes, and a fashionable smartphone. All these things are expenses, and do not represent a balanced lifestyle, but are influenced by marketing, and the deception of false and superficial beliefs.

The propaganda (marketing) makes us believe that the one who has a car, or is well dressed is actually the one who has more money, and enjoys a quality of life. The truth is that this is not true, and I am not saying this because of my own observations, but it can be proven in a survey made in the book "The Millionaire Next Door". Where it is proven that people with real wealth are under another lifestyle, and another way of living. And unlike the huge propaganda that exists on TV, all this is not true.

However, I have not come to lecture on many topics, although I want to provide you with some real and direct advice so that you do not live worried every month to pay your bills and live at least quietly. If you wish you can continue reading, and it would be good for you to apply it to your personal life:

Here are some tips for not worrying about money:

Always act in an honest and upright manner.

Do good so that everything goes well for you. Good is difficult to apply in a world where most people think otherwise, and where fairy tales have nothing to do with our reality. And reality is, therefore, totally different. We see corruption on a high scale, we see governments that make decisions controlled by handfuls, and we see neighbors who are not fair, and relatives who run over us with many ideals. So, can I do good in spite of it all? Yes, you can do good even though everyone is against you, and even though everyone is on the same path.

The Key to not worrying about money every month
Always practice kindness, and do good.


Does your neighbor steal electricity? does your neighbor not pay his taxes? do you cheat on payments or purchases? do you do something illegal? sooner or later GOOD will defeat EVIL, and the consequences will be fatal. I can assure you that GOOD is so powerful that it ends up being the concept applied even in shady businesses, and despite the fact that thousands of people tend to act badly, GOOD always prevails.

Don't buy on impulse, let it flow after 1 day.

Do not get entangled and let marketing ideas penetrate your head, and make you a wash your head. Consumer life, teaches us that having a good smartphone, or being well dressed and with "branded clothes", makes us feel good, or I don't know, look good...all these ideas and the ideas you will see in the future, are actually traps, and where the weakest fall into. So the next time you go to a supermarket, or wherever you are, always buy the things that are on sale or on promotions. Don't act on emotion, don't buy on impulse, and before you buy something, think and tell yourself, that you are going to think about it, and after 1 day you buy it.

Don't buy on impulse, let it flow after 1 day.
Don't buy on impulse, let it flow after 1 day.

When you are going to buy something, or when someone, especially a salesman; demands and encourages you to buy something for which you did not come, tell that person and yourself, that you will think about it and that if you are encouraged you will let him know. This technique is used by great people who possess the wealth of the world, and I personally use it, when I am beaten down with great promotions and offers and many more things. Because I don't make the decision right there and then when it comes to buying something, but I let it flow after 1 day, and after thinking about it.

Save and then invest.

Saving is difficult, especially when you don't have a discipline. And especially when you don't earn enough to have the opportunity to save. In reality, you can change this way of life, as long as you want to, since we all start at this stage, and it all depends on the circumstances in which we live. However, when we talk about saving, it is not about how much you earn and how hard you earn, but it is a way of life, and that is difficult to apply.

Learn to save and then invest a portion that you won't need later.
Learn to save and then invest a portion that you won't need later.

The discipline of saving is a discipline that does not distinguish how powerful in your salary, or how minimal it is; it is about correcting the things we don't need every month in order to live. For example, if we earn 1000 USD, we can't spend it all, we can make a list of the things that we really need and are essential to live. And if we make our list, with the things we really need, and we set a limit, that is the discipline of saving.

And once we have applied this, we need to protect ourselves from inflation; since saving is a double-edged sword, and can hurt ourselves. For example, if we have saved 5000 USD, and our country's inflation grows at 5% to 10%, our savings will have a purchasing value of -10% every year, which translates into less purchasing power, and therefore will directly affect us. Therefore, I call it a double-edged sword.

My advice is, you can transform a part of your savings into a foreign currency; in this case, we can buy US dollars as a source of savings. However, it will be difficult to hold on watching our money in our bank account, so we need this money not to be off, and work while we sleep. Therefore, a huge number of funds have been created that allow you to earn interest only by keeping USD as a reserve fund.

It creates diverse income channels.

The pandemic is a clear reflection of how bad we are, and how bad governments manage us, and how powerful are the elites who live in hiding and try to control us. It is true that greed is something that will always exist and is our reality, and for this reason, we need to protect ourselves always. For this reason and many others; we need to create a lot of sources of income, and if we could thousands of sources of income, because that is one of the tools or strategies of wealth, after compound interest.

The current economy is difficult, but it is necessary to create new income and receive money.
The current economy is difficult, but it is necessary to create new income and receive money. 

How to create or what does the creation of diverse sources of income consist of? One way is to exploit your talent; and if you think you have no talent, you can work in any job where you can earn money in the meantime, and you will realize what you like or not; and this is one of the most difficult things to apply, because most people do not know what to do, and only stay stuck in one thing.

In this area, you can demand any kind of idea that comes to your mind, and that is legal and useful. For example, when I had no job, I had the so-called idea of teaching, and I started creating online courses on Udemy, and the truth is that I did well, and people bought my online courses.

Of course, this idea is not applicable to everyone because not everyone will allow themselves to have this quality, but if you find it, you will have what it takes to benefit from multiple channels of income. For when one channel X goes down, the other channel B goes up, and when both channels go down, the other income channel C goes up, and so on.

I hope these tips will help you put into practice a healthier life, and remember that the main thing in all this, is that you always strive to apply the good; but the good WELL applied.

Article translated from Spanish: La clave para no preocuparse por el dinero cada mes

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